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Step 1

Reading our web site and/or meeting us at a fair will allow you to understand our experience in Australian Education. You may already know what you want to study and the information provided by CAPEC will assist you in getting some knowledge of Australia as a destination for studying.

Step 2

Contact us to ask for more information and to organise a personalised assessment of your project.

Step 3

CAPEC will send you an answer and may ask you to answer some questions in order to better understand your needs. We may have to exchange several e-mails before we find the most suitable program.

Step 4

You send your application to CAPEC along with all required supporting documents and the administration fee.

Step 5

You send the application form for the selected School/University to CAPEC, which finalises the application and forwards it to the School/University.

Step 6

The Australian School or University sends an ‘Offer Letter’ confirming your acceptance with written conditions.

Step 7

We deal together with accommodation and transport issues in order to prepare your departure.

Step 8

You pay directly to the Australian institution the requested deposit in order to receive the official document (e-COE) allowing you to obtain the student visa.

Step 9

You obtain your visa and you book your flight.

Step 10

You arrive in Australia and begin your study.

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