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English Language Programs

International students can study English language programs in all of the major Australian cities, starting any month of the year in private centres, university centres o TAFE centres.

If you wish, you can also combine several destinations.

Types of courses

General English, Academic English, Direct access programs (for direct access to a TAFE or university program) Business English, Cambridge, IELTS & TOEFL preparation programs, academic English & Direct Access (DEEP) English for specific purposes: English for Law, English for Health Professionals, English for pilots, Summer programs for teens and the over 50s.

  • General English programs start every month
  • Academic English and exam preparation programs have set start dates.

Average Prices 2010 ($AUD1 = 0.68 euros)

  • General English (Full Time: 20 hours/week) $AUD 280–425/week
  • General English (Part-time: 15 hours/week) $AUD225–300/week
  • Application fee: $AUD150–200
  • Accommodation Reservation Fee: $AUD150–200
  • Homestay/ week (Homestay): $AUD220–250/week
  • Student Lodge: $AUD250–300/week
  • Share house/week: $AUD100–200/week

Contact us for more information on our centres and to find the right program for you.