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University studies

Australian universities offer:

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters Degrees
  • Doctorates

The Australian university system is similar to the university systems across Europe:

  • Bachelor degree = 3 years (standard bachelor program)
  • Graduate Certificate = 6 months (standard program)
  • Graduate Diploma = 1 year (standard program)
  • Master = 1–2 years
  • Doctorate = 2 years (standard program)

The Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas are programs that allow students:

  • To continue studying in their area of specialisation and/or begin investigation
  • With a bachelor degree with a major/majors in a certain area to change the area of specialisation to later obtain a Master degree

There are 2 start dates per academic year (some universities offer 3) – February & July.

The average number of lecture hours per week is 12–15 (depending on the program) and around 20–30 hours of independent study.

The program study load per semester is usually 4 or 5 subjects (including compulsory and electives) with continuous assessment (essays, presentations, real projects and group work) a final exam at the end of the semester is also usually part of the assessment.

The program range is very broad from the traditional programs to the innovative and avant guard. We suggest you contact us so that we can help you find the program that meets your objectives – both professional and personal.

Recognition of studies obtained in Australia

Official study programs obtained in Australia are recognised internationally. For further information specific to your home country contact

ECTS – European Credit Transfer System

Australian universities don’t have a unified credit system rather each university calculates the credits according to the students workload and number of study hours for each course.

The international departments of each university will be able to tell you the equivalent with the European Credit Transfer System

Macquarie University

Undergraduate (60 ECTS = 24 MQ CPs, 30 ECTS = 12 MQ CPs, 7.5 ECTS = 3 MQ CPs)

Postgraduate (60 ECTS = 32 MQ CPs , 30 ECTS = 16 MQ CPs, 7.5 ECTS = 4 MQ CPs)